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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hotel Launches "Anti-Snoring Room"

Crowne Plaza is the first hotel chain to offer what it describes as "snore absorption rooms." These rooms are ostensibly the result of research that has been done on the impact of snoring on UK couples' snoring habits. According to the research, snorers' cosleepers lose between one and five hours of sleep a night due to their partners' sleep disordered breathing. A similar proportion also reports that their vacations are ruined by snoring, so anti-snoring rooms make sense for the satisfaction of a hotel's clients.

Supposedly, the snore absorption rooms use "proven" technology to reduce the noise of a snorer's breathing. This technology includes:

  • · Sound proofing on walls to absorb and deflect the sound of snoring
  • · Sound-absorbing headboards that supplement the sound absorption of the walls
  • · An anti-snoring bed wedge that encourages side-sleeping or upright sleeping, which can stop the sound created by positional snorers
  • · An anti-snoring pillow which uses "rare" neodymium magnets that open the airways and stiffens the upper palate to reduce sound
  • · A white sound machine that drowns out snoring

There is no doubt that this is a problem that needs a solution, but the one offered by Crowne Plaza is dubious. At best, their solution simply masks the problem, and some of the technologies they propose are effective only for a limited number of people, if at all.

Instead, people who want to ensure that snoring will never ruin another vacation should seek out an effective, comfortable, portable snoring solution. The solution that best meets these criteria is an oral appliance. An oral appliance is not only a convenient solution to snoring that travelers can easily be transported when on vacation, it can also be used to treat the serious condition that snoring may signal: obstructive sleep apnea.

If you want to learn how you can reduce or eliminate your snoring for every vacation, please contact a local sleep dentist today to be evaluated for an oral appliance.

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