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Friday, January 8, 2010

Cold Hands and Cold Feet During Sleep

Cold hands and feet are a frequent complaint in patients. The typical way patients attempt to treat it is an extra blanket, electric blankets, heated mattress covers or of a pair of socks. There is an easy cure for most patients that is inexpensive and extremely effective. The use of a heating pad placed on the stomach will overheat the bodies core and the bodies attempt to regulate temperature will cause vasodilation in the limbs. In simple English the body uses the arms, legs and head as radiators to disperse heat from the core. I have had patients who have spent years dealing with cold feet tell me they now kick off blankets becuase their feet ore too hot.

I have had diabetics who had ulcers and sores on their feet that would not heal tell me they finally healed after this little trick.

I have had patients with chronic leg pain and restless legs tell me that thos gradually eliminated the pain. I have heard similar stories from patients with carpal tunnel syndrome whose syptoms just disappear.

Why can such a simple treatment have such remarkable effects? When hands and feet are cold due to reduced blood flow every cell is partially deprived of oxygen and nutrition that the reduced blood flow no longer delivers. In addition there a decrease in the removal of toxic metabolic wastes in the tissues. The answer is that the body is designed to heal.

The above healing effect is similar into how headaches and muscle pain are relieved with Neuromuscular Dentistry (http://www.sleepandhealth.com/neuromuscular-dentistry) due in part to increased vascular flow to the muscles.

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posted by Dr Shapira at 3:26 AM