Obstructive sleep apnea affects around 20 million Americans and can lead to hypertension, heart attack, stroke, depression, muscle pain, fibromyalgia, morning headaches, and excessive daytime sleepiness.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Morning Headacahes and Sleep Apnea

The two major causes of morning headaches are sleep apnea and night-time clenching and grinding. As much of 80% of grinding and clenching is secondary to sleep apnea. Patients who routinely wake with morning headaches need to be evaluated and treated if they have sleep apnea. Headaches that occur at waking but continue throughout the day are more likely related to TMJ disorders.

Oral appliances can treat sleep apnea at night but a different type of appliance can treat headaches, facial pain, migraines and jaw problems. Patients suffering from chronic headaches will find the I HATE HEADACHES site a valuable resource. The site focuses on how neuromuscular dentistry can relieve migraines andtension-type headaches, chronic daily headaches and sinus pain.


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posted by Dr Shapira at 6:45 PM