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Friday, July 13, 2012

Overweight and are unwilling or unable to use CPAP: Learn about new study

The majority of patients are unable to use CPAP and oral appliances are usually the single best treatment. Katy McNulty has informed me of a free study for overweight patients unable or unwilling to utilize CPAP. The study is done in Atlanta but you do not need to live in Atlanta. Morbid obesity is a contraindication to a comfortable oral appliance but merely being overweight is common and oral appliances are usually a comfortable and effective alternative to CPAP.

Please mention I HATE CPAP if you contact Katy and send me your feedback.


We are conducting a clinical trial in Atlanta that your audience might find interesting. It's for people who are overweight and are unwilling or unable to use CPAP. I pasted the link to the study information below.




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