Obstructive sleep apnea affects around 20 million Americans and can lead to hypertension, heart attack, stroke, depression, muscle pain, fibromyalgia, morning headaches, and excessive daytime sleepiness.

Friday, May 9, 2014

FDA Approves New Sleep Apnea Treatment

The Inspire Upper Airway Stimulation device is expected to be available to sleep apnea patients later this year after receiving FDA approval at the beginning of May. The Inspire appliance is the latest addition to the wide range of sleep apnea treatments prescribed by doctors to help suffering patients breathe easier at night.

Once it is surgically implanted in the chest, the Inspire device stimulates nerves in the neck with mild electric shocks. These shocks trigger nerve activity that keeps the airway open during sleep. 

According to the New England Journal of Medicine, patients who used Inspire experienced a 68 percent reduction in apnea attacks.

Though Inspire Upper Airway Stimulation isn't yet available to consumers, there are other sleep apnea treatments to choose from. Some of the most common examples include:

·         Weight loss, adjustments to your normal position in bed, and other behavior modifications
·         Specially made oral appliances, such as a custom splint or mouth guard
·         Surgery to adjust structures in the airway that block air flow

The continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device is often considered the “gold standard” treatment for sleep apnea. Unfortunately, many users find the appliance uncomfortable and difficult to use night after night, hampering its effectiveness as a treatment option.

Before you decide on any sleep apnea treatment, it's important to consult a professional who can carefully evaluate your health and determine which remedy could best restore your good night's rest. Untreated sleep apnea can be deadly: Don't delay contacting a local sleep physician or calling 1-866-727-6275 (1-8-NO-PAP-MASK) today to find an experienced doctor near you. 

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