Monday, April 30, 2007

Comments dated April 2007 read:

I've had my new appliance for over a year and a half and more than happy! I chose to come and see Dr. Shapira because I would wake up with my breathing machine and rip my mask off. Being able to sleep through the night and most importantly keep my wife from not kicking me is the best. Thanks again, Dr. Shapira.


Thank You Note dated April 2007 reads:

I'm a biology major and art minor at DePaul University in Chicago. I am
currently a junior (3rd year). From the very begin of college, I decided
to pursue a career in dentistry. It was towards the end of high school
that I took a great appreciation for the work that Dr. Shapira and Dr.
do at Delany Dental Care. From that point, I decided to commit
myself to follow their example and become one of the few true masters of
dental health care and art. Ultimately, my goal is to start my own dental
practice that service patients in all fields of dentistry.

My experience during spring break with Delany Dental Care was more than I
expected it to be. I looked forward to dedicating my spring break to
shadowing Dr. Shapira and Dr. Amidei and I thought I had a basic idea of
what their daily routine looked like. However, from the first hour when my
shadowing began, I realized how much more interesting, exciting, and
intense this professional career really was. I was blown away by the work
I observed and I left the office each day very excited, looking forward to
the next days procedures. It really is incredible how within a few hours
you can reconstruct and improve a person's mouth, and further more improve
their health and quality of life. The way I see it, it's preventative
health care that also makes you look good.

I chose Delany Dental because my family has a very close relationship with
them. For over a decade we have been their patients as a whole family. We
pretty much grew up with Dr. Shapira, Dr. Amidei, and Barb (our hygienist).
I was confident that this was the best practice for me to shadow and learn
from; after all, I know first hand that they are one of the best in quality
work. And I mustn't forget to mention that the entire staff is fun,
friendly, and professional. I look forward to visiting the Delany Dental
very soon.

I think I covered most of it. Let me know if you need more. Thanks again.
Say hi to everyone in the office for me.

-Arash Hosseini

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Thank You Note dated April 2007 reads:

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how appreciative I am of you going out of your way for me and all the calls, faxes and letters you sent in to the insurance companies in order to get my dental appliance covered by insurance. Financially I was really in a bind and your extra time, effort has not gone unnoticed. This gift card can not nearly tell you how thankful I am for all your work. Insurance paid in full thanks to you!


Comments dated April 2007 read:

After being diagnosed with sleep apnea, I wasn't given too many choices for a cure. Surgery was one, but I was told chances were 50/50 whether it would work. Tried the CPAP machine and could not do it. I was very discouraged until I saw a small ad in the paper for Dr. Shapira's services. At first, I was skeptical but upon trying the TAP device, I would recommend it to anybody. I am on my third device and know I could not function without it. I know this for a fact because my dog got a hold of my second device and chewed it up. I tried to go on without it but couldn't. Now I am on my third appliance. Thank you, Dr. Shapira.


Friday, April 27, 2007

Letter dated January 2007 reads:

Dear Dr. Shapira:

Thank you so much for your very kind contribution to the Susan Komen Breast Cancer Foundation in my name. Their work is so important to all of us. It is a wonderful gesture on your part.

This is an opportunity for me to tell you how grateful I am to you for your knowledge and expertise, which have been so beneficial to my health! I had a sleep test last week at Lake Forest Hospital and the technician (whom I have had twice before) told me that the appliance has cured, or is curing, my apnea! I knew that because I have been feeling so much better every day, and sleeping so much better every night. I carried it in my purse to Israel recently. I have told almost everyone I know about it and about You!

I am very thankful to you and wish you and your wife and family good health. May you continue to do your wonderful work for many, many years to come.

Very sincerely,


Letter dated July 2002 Reads:

Dear Dr. Shapira:

I must admit that at my first appointment with you I was very apprehensive about your alternative option to the CPAP machine.

I thought that the mouthpiece would never work for me and I was very concerned about the hook that attached the upper and lower mouthpieces together. I have claustrophobia.

I decided to give you a chance to prove me wrong and you certainly did do that.

I made an appointment and went to your office. I had my mouth fitted with lots of plastic and that dreaded bar on the lower appliance and the dreaded hook on the upper appliance. That very night I tried the appliance with my CPAP because I was very nervous about my apnea. My husband, Andy, was out of town and I felt that I needed someone to monitor my sleeping. I drooled a lot that night just like you said I would.

When Andy returned, I tried the mouthpiece without the CPAP and he told me that I did not snore and that I had a restful night’s sleep.

I have had a sleep study done at Condell Hospital and I was told that the “Dr. Shapira device” passed with flying colors-Hallelujah!!!

Dr. Shapira, thank you for your patience with me and thank you for inventing this wonderful plastic mouthpiece that will free me from my CPAP machine.

I travel quite a lot and my new appliance lets me sleep without the machine; I am able to hear the birds chirp in the morning; I am able to smell my fresh sheets; I can hear thunder approaching instead of only hearing the long noises when the storm is directly over my house; I do not look like a Martian when I am sleeping with my CPAP over my face; I can fall asleep on an airplane and not worry about disturbing fellow passengers; and I can go camping with my grandchildren.

Thank you again,


Monday, March 12, 2007

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Thank you,
Dr Ira L Shapira

TAP APPLIANCE Saved my Trip to China

What a difference the TAP made!

My previous trip to China was the worst experience in my life. The stewardess woke me at least twenty times because my snoring was so loud that other passengers were complaining. I was in first class and I understand there were a ton of complaints even in the coach cabin about the noise. Not being able to use my CPAP always leaves me exhausted and the stewardess made it worse. I was on a business trip and could barely function and fell asleep during meetings. I hope to forget the embarassment of hearing everyone talking about my snoring being worse than a crying infant.

This trip was a huge success due to the TAP appliance! The stewardess did not wake me, I slept soundly the entire trip and arrived with more energy than I have felt in years. I was so pleased with how well the appliance worked on the plane that I used it the rest of the trip and never unpacked my CPAP. My meetings went smoothly and I had enough energy to do a lot of sightseeing. I have never done that in any of my previous trips.

I have never unpacked my CPAP since returning home. My wife is actually sleeping in the same room with me.

My only problem was leaving my appliance on the nightstand at the hotel and having to retrieve it before leaving for the airport. Luckily I made the plane.

Best investment I ever made and my insurance reimbursed me almost 80% of the cost.


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Welcome to Our New Blog!

I would like to welcome both my patients and visitors to our new blog on sleep apnea and oral appliances.

Ira L Shapira