Monday, March 12, 2007

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Dr Ira L Shapira

TAP APPLIANCE Saved my Trip to China

What a difference the TAP made!

My previous trip to China was the worst experience in my life. The stewardess woke me at least twenty times because my snoring was so loud that other passengers were complaining. I was in first class and I understand there were a ton of complaints even in the coach cabin about the noise. Not being able to use my CPAP always leaves me exhausted and the stewardess made it worse. I was on a business trip and could barely function and fell asleep during meetings. I hope to forget the embarassment of hearing everyone talking about my snoring being worse than a crying infant.

This trip was a huge success due to the TAP appliance! The stewardess did not wake me, I slept soundly the entire trip and arrived with more energy than I have felt in years. I was so pleased with how well the appliance worked on the plane that I used it the rest of the trip and never unpacked my CPAP. My meetings went smoothly and I had enough energy to do a lot of sightseeing. I have never done that in any of my previous trips.

I have never unpacked my CPAP since returning home. My wife is actually sleeping in the same room with me.

My only problem was leaving my appliance on the nightstand at the hotel and having to retrieve it before leaving for the airport. Luckily I made the plane.

Best investment I ever made and my insurance reimbursed me almost 80% of the cost.