Thursday, December 15, 2016

Patient describes 5 years of sleep apnea treatment with oral appliance. He initially used the CPAP machine but found it made him uncomfortable. Both him and his wife are able to get restful sleep. 


Visit to learn how we can use neuromuscular dental techniques to help with your sleep apnea and snoring. Sleep disorders often result in fatigue, trouble concentrating, memory loss, relationship problems, a decrease in job performance, among other effects. Simple dental devices are available to help you stop snoring, breath right, and get the sleep you need. We are located in Chicago, Illinois.

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Dr. Shapira: Okay. John, tell me about your experience with the sleep appliance.

John: Yes, doctor. This has been absolutely phenomenal. I’ve got very severe sleep apnea and the thought of wearing a CPAP, I mean, just was a total turn off. I tried it one time and. I mean, it just gagged me and it was just really uncomfortable. So we tried a couple different appliances and the one I’m using right now works just absolutely phenomenal. My wife can get sleep, I can get sleep and it works just so much better than the CPAP machine ever did.

Dr. Shapira: Great. How long have you been using an appliance?

John: Oh, I’d have to think. It’s been at least five years.

Dr. Shapira: Okay. Is it okay if I post this on the website?

John: Absolutely.

Dr. Shapira:Great. Anything else you’d like to tell people about: treatment you’ve had from me?

John:Doctor, you’re just absolutely phenomenal. I can’t believe all of the care that 
you’ve given and all the help and your patience. I know that I’ve been a difficult patient because we’ve kind of pushed the limits with the appliance and I’m so glad you were willing to give it a try because I think it works really well.

Dr. Shapira: Great. Thank you very much John.

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