Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Physician Did Not Want To Wear CPAP. Oral Appliance Working Well For Several Years

Physician Did Not Want To Wear CPAP. Oral Appliance Working Well For Several Years 

See The Video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3kPBSzTjTQ

Sleep Apnea Treatment:  Oral Appliance Testimonial 

Tap Appliance and now Micro O2 appliance

Bill has worn the TAP 1 appliance for several years and loved it.
His od appliance is working great and is worn on a daily basis but was interested is seeing other types of appliances. He started with the MICRO O2 appliance and is very pleased.

There are many new appliances available and the Micro is one of the easies to keep clean and maintain. It is cadcam manufactured leading to a very high quality composition ideal for patients with chemocal sensitivities or allergies.

The TAP 1 appliance is considered the single most effective appliance due to design and ease of titration. Titration is the fine tuning of an appliance to eliminate residual apneas. TAP 1 treatment is ideal for the most severe apneic patients. Once apnea is well controlled and the final positions been titrated patients can change appliances to their personal preferences.

The SomnoDent Appliance by Somnomed has a stronger and more versatile new version. The new Dream TAP is ideal for heavy bruxers and clenches and has a very wide range of adjustments.

The Micro O2 is actually a system of CAD-Cam manufactured appliances in multiple adjustment levels that gradually move the mandible foward by a series of different appliances.

This Chicago Sleep Apnea Testimonial is only one of the thousands of patients Dr Shapira has treated over the last 35 years vastly improving quality of life.

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