Sunday, December 11, 2016

Headaches, TMJ and Neuromuscular Dentistry: TMJ Testimonial Videos

The neuromuscular approach to treating TMJ Disorders is extremely effective because the use of ULF-TENS relaxes the muscles at the start of treatment and periodically throughout treatment.

Many dentists feel that Neuromuscular Dentistry is cheating because using the TENS to create healthy muscles makes it much easier to treat patients. wThe goal of neuromuscular dentistry is not just to relax the muscles and create a healthy physioogy within the muscles but also to create a closure position that allows those muscles to reset to that healthy position after each and every closure.

Experienced Neuromuscular Dentists understand that each and every patient is unique and adjust their treatment to suit each patient.

The Mandibular Kinesiograph or Computerized mandibular scan is a diagnostic instrument that lets the experienced neuromuscular dentist see exactly what is happening during function.  While other dentists guess neuromuscular dentists use precision measurements during their diagnosis process.  This process continues throughout treatment.  After delivery of the diagnostic orthoic there are postural changes throughout the body.  The jaw position is repeatedly verified throughout treatment.

It is impossible to take a perfect bite in a patient with muscle shortening, spasm or myofascial pain in a single visit.  It is actually a gradual process but sometimes seems magical.

In addition to the neuromuscular diagnostic orthotic additional treatments may include Sphenopalatine Ganglion (SPG) Blocks, Spray and Stretch, Trigger Point injections and many types of home care patients are taught.  The ultimate goal is to creat patients who no longer have TMJ problems or who have long term stable solutions.

This video is during the first visit of a patient who has suffered horribly severe pain her whole life.

The next video is a patient who suffered for 12 years and was told she needed massive surgery to fix her problems.  This video is 1 year after treatment was complete.  She now only comes in for yearly checks.

The next patient had problems for 25 years and was told surgery was needed.

Brooklynn is near the beginning of her treatment but has already experienced massive improvement.

There are over 100 TMJ Testimonials on the Think Better Life Youtube channel. Neuromuscular Dentistry and the Treatment of TMJ disorders and sleep disorders.  Most TMJ and Sleep patients have many similarities in jaw issues, just different symptoms.

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