Monday, March 19, 2012

Years of Headache Pain. I Hate having headaches. I will try anything.

I have headaches off & on for years. I used to have migraines but they are not so bad now. plus the medicatations got so expensive I couldn't afford them. Now they are just a constant pain like a vise queezing my head most of the time. I hate having headaches. I will try anything to get rid of them. I would like some information about your practice please!

Dr Shapira's response:
My office is located in Gurnee, a northern suburb of Chicago. I have been treating Headaches, TMD, Sleep Disorders, Myofascial Pain and related disorders for over 30 years. I utilize numerous approaches for long term problems including Neuromuscular Diagnostic Orthotics, TENS, SPG blocks
(sphenopalatine ganglion ), trigger point injections, spray and stretech and postural corrections.

I having been helping patient's with chronic headaches related to the Trigeminal Nervous System. Each patient is quite unique but there are many similar aspects as well. I tell my patients to expect 50-80% improvement but I cannot guarantee success. As we progress thru treatment we continually seek an additional 50-80% improvement. THERE IS NO CURE! YOU ARE PERMANENTLY CHANGED FROM LIVING IN PAIN FOR YEARS. A CURE WOULD BE A DO-OVER ON ALL YOU LOST DUE TO PAIN.

I AM INTERESTED IN IMPROVING YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE MOVING FORWARD. It is unfortunate that so much of your life has been adversely effected by your pain. I look forward to improving your future quality of life.

I find that seeing long distance patients must be properly planned to avoid excessive visits to my office. I prefer to see patients first thing Monday morning and then Monday afternoon, Tuesday AM and PM and Wednesday AM before you return home. This necessitates coming in Sunday night before the appointment.

Each case if different and unique and I request you complete and extensive history before your appointment as well as a 1 hour phone consultation. I limit new long distance patients to two per month maximum.

The cost of the phone interview is $250.00 which will be applied to the treatment fee of $6900.00 if you are accepted as a patient. It is also possible to come in for a consultation but normally no time is set aside for treatment therefore in will mean extra travel.

Please call for an appointment at 847-623-5530 or I will have a team member contact you.